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The Right to Strike: A Comparative Perspective

A study of national law in six EU states

Edited by Arabella Stewart & Mark Bell

Significant Developments in European Case Law

May 2008

This IER Briefing was prepared by Professor Keith Ewing as an IER background Briefing to recent legal and industrial devlopments.

Strike Rules in the EU 27

The Institute has always argued that the right to strike is a fundamental, basic right. It is a freedom enshrined in international law and enjoyed – to various degrees – by most workers across the globe.

This report, produced by the European Trade Union Institute in 2007, provides an interesting and useful overview of the different legal frameworks covering the right to strike across Europe.

Seminar Papers: Worked to the Bone: Regulating the UK’s Long-hours Culture

Speakers’ papers from

Worked to the Bone: Regulating the UK’s Long-hours Culture
Wednesday 15 March 2006

This seminar examined:
—the original purpose of the European Working Time Directive and the rights it provides
—what impact the UK Working Time Regulations have had on Britain’s long-hours culture
—how the debate on ending the UK’s opt-out is developing in Europe, and
—what improvements came be made to the current Regulations.

DTI ASLEF Consultation Document

DTI Consultation Document

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