Employment Law

An inspection of how the Home Office is tackling illegal working

12 October 2018

Professor Sonia McKay responds to a Home Office consultation regarding the treatment of migrant workers, stating that current immigration policies are neither effective nor efficient.

Submission to the House of Commons Regulatory Reform Committee Inquiry into the Government Deregulation Agenda

19 April 2018

Professors Steve Tombs, David Whyte, David Walters and Phil James respond, on behalf of the Institute of Employment Rights, to the Regulatory Reform Committee's inquiry into the government's deregulation agenda.

Protecting whistleblowers seeking jobs in the NHS: Employment Rights Act 1996 (NHS Recruitment - Protected Disclosure Regulations)

12 May 2017

Senior Lecturer, School of Law & Social Sciences, University of East London Catherine Hobby responds to the Department of Health's consultation into Protecting Whistleblowers seeking jobs in the NHS.

Protection of Official Data - submission to the Law Commission

02 May 2017

Catherine Hobby, Senior Lecturer in Law at University of East London, responds to the Law Commission's consultation on how to protect Official Data as it reviews statutes including the Official Secrets Act, with particular emphasis on how any reform could affect the rights of whistleblowers at work.

Submission to the United Nations Open-ended Inter-Governmental Working Group on Transnational Corporations and Human Rights

06 September 2016

Stefanie Khoury and Professor David Whyte, both of the University of Liverpool, responded on behalf of the Institute of Employment Rights to a call for evidence by the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding the potential principles, scope and elements of an internationally binding instrument to protect human rights.

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