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The political attack on workplace representation: a legal response

by Alan Bogg & K D Ewing

Published June 2013

As the authors of this timely report note in their opening sentence, “There is no shortage of laws protecting the right to be a trade union member and to take part in the activities of a trade union”. And yet, as the report goes on to analyse, there is daily evidence that a growing number of trade union representatives are suffering from blacklisting and victimisation. Moreover, this is happening against a backdrop of a sustained and vindictive campaign of attack from the government, the press and from right wing pressure groups aimed at silencing the union voice at work.

Standard price £10 per book. 85 copies for £300

Reconstruction after the Crisis: a manifesto for collective bargaining

by Professor Keith Ewing and John Hendy QC

Published September 2013

This publication presents an evidence-based policy proposal for the state encouragement of collective bargaining, and particularly sectoral bargaining, as a tried-and-tested means of reducing income inequality and stimulating the sustainable recovery of a strong and resilient economy. Essential reading in the run up to the general election.

Standard price £10 per book. 100 copies for £300

Justice Deferred: a critical guide to the Coalition’s employment tribunal reforms

By David Renton and Anna Macey

Published in February 2013

Employment Tribunals were originally intended to be easily accessible, informal, speedy and inexpensive. But according to the authors of this report, policies being pursued by the Coalition are putting access to justice beyond the means of most working people.

Standard price £10 per book. 140 copies for £300

Access to justice in employment disputes: surveying the terrain

Edited by Nicole Busby, Morag McDermont, Emily Rose and Adam Sales

Published May 2013

The papers in this book examine the ‘forensic lottery’ of the unfair dismissal procedures; the role for Acas and others in mediation and conciliation; the very particular crisis for employment rights in times of austerity; and the choices faced by an employment tribunal system at the crossroads.

Standard price £10 per book. 145 copies for £300

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