Pension Promises and Employment Rights

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By Bryn Davies, John Grieve Smith and Ivan Walker

Published in February 2004

Pensions have rarely been out of the headlines in recent years, with the collapse of high-profile occupational schemes and mis-selling of personal plans sitting uncomfortably beside the Government’s aim of reducing the State’s role and making us responsible for funding our own old age.

But cutting away the hype and confusion to get at the truth is almost impossible and most of us have no idea where to begin.

Now the Institute of Employment Rights has published a booklet that evaluates the pensions crisis and explores how the Government’s planned changes will affect both public and private sector workers.

The booklet looks at the legal, industrial and economic issues surrounding pensions and explodes many of the myths that underpin current pensions thinking.

Authors Bryn Davies (Union Pension Services), economist John Grieve Smith and solicitor Ivan Walker cover issues including: who should deliver the pensions promise? State, private or occupational?; can we afford our pensions? The economic reality behind the rhetoric; and how an ageing population and sex discrimination impact on pension provision.

Among the authors’ assertions are that the State has a responsibility to ensure the provision of a decent standard of living in retirement through both State and complementary private pensions, and that our economy is prosperous enough to ensure all workers – and not just a minority, as at present – get such an adequate income.

A5; 60pp; ISBN 0 9543781 7 2;

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