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Our New Year's Sale will be open until January 31st 2018. Get a great deal on the latest reports from the IER, with some publications going from just £5. Add packages to your basket by using the PayPal forms below, or fill in our New Year Sale Order Form to pay by cheque or invoice.



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The Latest Policy Pack - £15


In 2017, the Institute of Employment Rights released several publications that built upon, or were inspired by, our influential 2016 Manifesto for Labour Law - 25 policy proposals for labour law reform. Two of these publications can now be purchased as a package for just £15.

In Health and Safety at Work: Time for Change, authors Phil James and David Walters conclude that the time has come to repeal the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act and to fundamentally reform the current framework of law governing workplace health and safety. They put forth a raft of policy suggestions to bring the law into line with modern working practices.

In 8 Good Reasons Why Adult Social Care Needs Sectoral Collective Bargaining, Dr Lydia Hayes builds upon the IER's Manifesto proposal to promote sectoral collective bargaining, focusing in particular on the specific needs of social care workers, whose precarious livelihoods have repeatedly hit the news as zero-hour contracts and other forms of casualised labour practices have eroded workers' pay and conditions as well as the quality of care service users receive.

Re-Regulating Zero Hours Contracts - £5

After zero-hour contracts and other forms of precarious employment became a target for policy change during the 2017 snap election, now is the time to inform yourself of differing policy proposals with regard to this burgeoning form of work.

In Re-regulating Zero-Hour Contracts, Professor Simon Deakin and Zoe Adams investigate the impact of zero-hour contracts, the way in which their use is encouraged by the UK's current social security framework, and make recommendations for their re-regulation. Buy it now at the special price of just £5.

The EU: Friend or foe? - £15

Brexit stayed in the media's focus throughout 2017 and remains one of the biggest political and legal issues facing the UK today. The question for the labour movement has long been whether the bloc is a friend or foe of workers. While British workers have gained improved protections over such things as working time, parental leave, and holiday pay; there has also been a decided shift towards a neoliberal approach among supranational structures that has led to a devastating decline in collective bargaining in a number of member states.

In The Legacy of Thatcherism in European Labour Relations: The Impact of the Politics of Neo-Liberalism and Austerity on Collective Bargaining in a Fragmenting Europe, authors Miguel Martinez Lucio, Aristea Koukiadaki and Isabel Tavora detail the findings of a wide-ranging study they conducted across those EU nations most affected by the financial crash of 2008. Drawing from interviews with government officials, trade unions and employer associations, the authors investigate how a shift within EU political structures towards a neoliberalist paradigm has led to the decentralisation of collective bargaining, and how this in turn has instigated a decline in wage levels, working time, and equality within the countries studied.

In July of last year, the Institute of Employment Rights co-hosted a seminar entitled Europe, the EU and Britain: Workers' Rights and Economic Democracy, which brought together key labour movement figures from across the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus, France. The full transcript has been published to preserve and share the content of that day's discussion. Common themes included evidence that neoliberal policies adopted by EU political structures have disempowered workers across the bloc, and the impossibility of implementing key proposals from the Labour Party Manifesto For the Many Not the Few while in the EU.

Buy both books now for just £15.

Labour Law Highlights - £15

Our annual case law review brings you up to date with the progression of employment law and its application in the court system. These popular volumes are a handy reference guide for trade unionists and legal professionals, and feature easy to read explanations of the wider impact of case law decisions that have been made during the previous year.

Ahead of the release of Labour Law Highlights 2017, which will be published in the coming weeks, complete your set with Labour Law Highlights 2014, 2015 and 2016 for just £15.

Mythbusters Collection - £10

The Institute of Employment Rights' Mythbusters series includes easy to read guides to the misleading and/or bogus arguments of the right.

In The Mythology of Business, Dave Whyte overturns ten myths that politicians now routinely churn out without thinking, despite the fact they are not based on any evidence. These include the perceived benefits of 'trickle down' economics, the widely accepted argument that so-called 'wealth creators' will leave if workers are given decent rights, and the idea that regulation restricts economic prosperity.

In Andrew Moretta's publication Access to Justice: Exposing the myths, the author charts the narrative surrounding the “red tape” and “burdens on business” ideology which he believes paved the way for systematic attacks on the tribunal system.

Get both today for the special price of just £10.

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