International Comparative Publications

Federation News: Europe at a Crossroads

Executive Editors Mark Bell and Carolyn Jones

Published in August 2008

Yes to a Referendum? A Labour View

By Bill Wedderburn

Published in March 2008

As the debate on the European Reform Treaty enters the House of Lords, Bill Wedderburn, QC, an ex-President of the Institute of Employment Rights, offers his informed opinion on the Reform Treaty, the draft Constitution and the need for a referendum.

This timely booklet will be of interest to all those wanting to take part in the growing debate about the British people’s right to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Global Rights in Global Companies: Going for Gold at the UK Olympics

By Keith Ewing and commissioned by SEIU

Published in May 2006

In the globalised market of the 21st century, the issue of global rights is increasingly important. Over the past 50 years, most countries have voluntarily signed up to core international labour standards, which guarantee fundamental rights at work. But as transnational companies become ever more powerful and national borders become increasingly meangingless, are those rights being compromised?

Canada's take on Corporate Killing

By Harry Glasbeek

Published in August 2005

As UK trade unionists eagerly await the introduction of the long promised Corporate Manslaughter Bill, this Comparative Note looks at what we can learn from similar legislation introduced in Canada in 2004.

The Canadian legislation came about following a major industrial accident and the inability of the existing criminal legislation to hold anyone to account. The Bill however, rather than deal with the inherent conflict in capitalist corporations (the push for profit versus the promotion of safety), attempts to redress “narrow technical difficulties created by law and the judiciary”.

Decoding Some New Developments in Labour Standards Enforcement

by Steve Gibbons

Published in November 2004

This publication looks at the range of initiatives aimed at promoting global labour standards in the global marketplace. The author first outlines the regulatory controls developed by international organisations such as the OECD, the ILO and the United Nations. He goes on to examine the growth in “voluntary” initiatives such as company codes of conduct and a new concept known as “ratcheting labour standards”.

Workers in Cuba: Unions and Labour Relations

By Debra Evenson

Published in November 2003

Foreword by Eddie McDermott, Regional Secretary, T&G (South East & East Anglia) The publication of this booklet in England has arisen from a chance meeting in the Cuban equivalent of Congress House between members of a visiting T&G aviation workers’ delegation and Debra Evenson, the author, in February 2002.

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