Employment Legislation Publications

Employment Rights, Industrial Tribunals and Arbitration; The Case for Alternative Dispute Resolution

By Roy Lewis and Jon Clark

Published in August 1993

With growing unease about how industrial tribunals are operating – the time, cost and ‘legalism’ involved – this booklet outlines an alternative system for consideration.

Sex Discrimination Law: A Review

By Colin Bourn

Published in June 1992

Price £5/£20

Inflation, Employment, Wage-Bargaining and the Law

by Simon Deakin, Jonathan Michie and Frank Wilkinson

Published in March 1992

Price £4/£20

The Price of Safety: The Market, Workers’ Rights and The Law

by Roger Moore

Published in December 1991

Price £3.50

Trade Union Recognition and the Law

By Bob Simpson

Published in August 1991

Price £3

A Bill of Rights for Britain?

by Keith Ewing

Published in August 1990

Price £2.50

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