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Reviews of 'The Right to Strike'

A selection of reviews on the latest IER publication

Trade Union Freedom Bill Sponsors

The list of Trade Union Freedom Bill Sponsors continues to grow.

The full list of Sponsors to date can be found here

Outline of IER project on Labour Migration and Workers' Rights

October 2005

This project examined public policy concerning labour migration from an employment rights perspective. The aim was to develop policy recommendations which recognise the legitimacy of labour migration. In addition it developed proposals to secure the effective application of labour rights and standards in a context of labour migration.

This section provides a detailed overview of this project.

TRADE UNION BILL: Hiring agency staff during strike action: reforming regulation

22 January 2016

The Institute of Employment Rights (IER) responded to the government's consultation on hiring agency staff during strike action in September 2015.

TRADE UNION BILL: Ballot thresholds in important public services

22 January 2016

Professors Tonia Novitz and Alan Boggs, and Dr Ruth Dukes, respond to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills' (BIS) consultation on the proposal to limit strike action in the public sector: part of the Trade Union Bill.

The eclipse of the rule of law: Trade union rights and the EU

20 January 2016

In a new briefing from the Institute of Employment Rights, Professor Keith Ewing and John Hendy QC examine how there is a "severe tension at the heart of the neo-liberal project", which leads to international law being eclipsed by corporate interests.

"There is a compelling ideological desire to redesign the function of trade unions (as service rather than regulatory bodies), and a compelling desire to reduce the size of the State (and with it the points of resistance to this ambition).

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