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New interactive Coalition timeline

The IER has launched a brand new interactive timeline on the Coalition's ideological attack on workers' rights and trade unions.

We believe our Coalition timeline is the first free resource of its kind. Use your mouse – or finger on a touchscreen – to move through the last two years of news and debate, following the erosion of workers’ rights by the government since May 2010.

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Days of Action

Professor Keith Ewing and John Hendy QC will be launching their publication Days of Action: The legality of protest strikes against government cuts, at the Sunday Night Special.

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Federation Viewpoint

Our Sunday Night Special also features the launch of our brand new journal Federation Viewpoint, which we produce in conjunction with the GFTU.

How has an unelected Coalition swindled workers into accepting the pains of austerity, while big business continues to gain? And what alternatives are there to the cuts?

Find out in the first edition of Federation Viewpoint

Fighting austerity

Sunday 9th September

Workers and trade unions are eager to fight the dissolution of their rights as outlined by our timeline.

Legal experts from the IER will be joined by UNITE General Secretary Len McCluskey at a special fringe meeting at this year’s TUC Congress. Do not miss out on the Sunday Night Special:


Professor Keith Ewing
President of the IER and Professor of Public Law at King’s College, London

John Hendy, QC
Chair of the IER

Len McCluskey
General Secretary of UNITE


The Old Ship Hotel King’s Road Brighton BN1 1NR

RSVP for fish and chip supper

If you would like to book a fish and chip supper for when you attend the free meeting, please email annette@gftu.org.uk


IER launches interactive Coalition timeline

06 September 2012

The IER has launched a brand new interactive timeline on the Coalition's ideological attack on workers' rights and trade unions.

Employment law timeline


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The timeline is continuously added to. Sign up here for weekly updates.

Using the timeline

Use the spanner icon on the bottom right of the timeline to perform the following functions:


Looking for news on a specific bill or minister? Try searching their name in the search box. The search function is quite sensitive so if you have no luck, try to make your search term as simple as possible. If you still have no luck, let us know, we might have missed something.

Pick a category

Only interested in equality news? Or health and safety? Filter by category for a clearer view.

Pick a view

The timeline defaults to its standard view, but you can choose to make categories clearer by introducing more colour into the categories, or see the stories laid out in category bands.

Spacing and zoom

Want to take a closer look at a particularly busy period? Zoom in and increase the spacing between stories to see events more clearly.

About the timeline

The timelines above chart the introduction of policies, the airing of proposals and the calls of backbenchers and right-wing think tanks that have threatened the rights of UK workers since 2010.

It is a new resource that we believe is the only place currently available to view information on the drive against workers' rights in a comprehensive and interactive way.

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The timeline is constantly updated as news articles and other details emerge, and so is always a work in progress. If you feel we have missed anything that would add to the timeline, please contact Sarah Glenister.

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Trade union representatives and facility time in the Civil Service

01 August 2012

By Roger Jeary

In the last few days the Guardian and the Observer has published three reports that have a clear link to trade union organisation and the need for trade union representation.

G4S costs the taxpayer millions by failing to respect workers’ rights

25 July 2012

The IER asks why G4S tried to fill 10,400 roles with a deal so poor for workers that Locog does not even expect the guards to turn up for duty.

The Right to Strike

05 july 2012

By Roger Jeary

I was reminded recently of the gross inadequacy and unfairness of UK legislation on strikes. I was attending an interesting and informative IER seminar reflecting upon the Friction Dynamics trade dispute in Caernarfon, North Wales over 11 years ago, one of the longest industrial conflicts in British history with workers spending over two and half years on a picket line.

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