Age Discrimination at Work

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By Nicola Dandridge and Patrick Grattan

Published in December 2006

The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations came into force on 1st October 2006. The Regulations are the last major stage in the UK’s implementation of the European Employment Directive. The Regulations will outlaw age discrimination and harassment on the grounds of age in employment and training – affecting both young and older workers.

This publication is a timely insight into the issues surrounding this complex area of law. It begins by exploring the development of policy relating to age discrimination over the last ten years, including social and economic influences. It then goes on to consider the legal context of equality legislation in the UK, its strengths and weaknesses and how the age Regulations compare to the other discrimination strands. The authors look in some depth at how the Regulations will impact on issues including recruitment, termination and pensions and raise questions about whether the Regulations adequately implement the European Directive.

The authors conclude by stating the effectiveness of the legislation will depend on two things: first, raising awareness and changing past stereotypes about age and second the capacity of workers and their representatives to understand and enforce the new rights. This publication will assist in both.

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