Responses to “TTIP: The Elephant in the Room”

12 June 2015

12 Jun 2015| News

12 June 2015

Last week the IER reposted an article by John Hendy QC and Prof. Keith Ewing, on the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee (INTA) agreeing to a compromise resolution supporting TTIP, and the much criticised Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement procedure (ISDS) within it.

The article was originally published in the Morning Star.

A response to the article from Labour MEP for the North East, Judith Kirton-Darling, who herself was “closely involved in drafting the European Parliament’s resolution on TTIP” was published on Left Futures. The article is available here.

Keith Ewing and John Hendy have responded to Kirton-Darling, also published on the Left Futures website, which you can access here.