Press Releases

IER Conference: Employment Law Update 2007 - Fairness at Work

26 September 2007

­­­­­This conference – timed to coincide with the proposed introduction of new legislation – is also perfectly timed to discuss future strategies on labour law in the light of decisions at both the TUC and Labour Party Conferences.

IER TUC Fringe Meeting: Labour Law under Brown - What's on the Agenda?

For the past two years Congress has supported motions calling for the repeal of anti trade union laws and the introduction of a Trade Union Freedom Bill. This year is no different.

What is different this year is that we have a new Prime Minister, a new Cabinet, a new “big tent” approach to politics and a general election around the corner.

Join us at our fringe meeting where Keith Ewing, President of IER, will consider possible new strategies for challenging the government’s internationally recognised poor record on employment rights and trade union freedoms.

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