NHS Chiefs beg for end to pay restraint; but Hunt demands increase in productivity

01 November 2017

The heads of health and social are bodies across the UK have written to the Chancellor outlining the urgent need for funding to the NHS and an end to pay restraint, but Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said wage rises will likely be focused on sectors that show "improved productivity".

Brexit Minister spoke in favour of scrapping EU-derived workers' rights

01 November 2017

Brexit Minister Lord Martin Callanan has been exposed by Political Scrapbook saying EU-derived workers' rights should be scrapped.

Lords seek govt backing to ban unpaid internships

27 October 2017

There was cross-party support in the House of Lords today for a ban on unpaid internships lasting over four weeks.

Employers 'using confusion over EU workers rights to exploit migrants'

27 October 2017

Employers are using EU workers' confusion over whether or not they will have a right to stay in a post-Brexit UK to exploit them, according to reports.

Parliament debates statutory Parental Bereavement Leave

23 October 2017

In its 2017 Manifesto, the Conservative Party vowed to provide additional rights for paid leave for parents who have lost a child.

Public sector wages fall below private sector wages, shows GMB expose

23 October 2017

Figures requested by the GMB union have revealed that public sector workers' wages have fallen below those of their private sector counterparts.

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