High Court judge agrees gig workers have human right to apply for collective bargaining

15 June 2018

A High Court judge has agreed that couriers working for gig employer Deliveroo have a human right to apply for the creation of a collective bargaining unit.

Plumber is a 'worker' confirms Supreme Court

14 June 2018

Gary Smith, a plumber who worked solely for Pimlico Plumbers for six years, was misclassified by the company as an independent contractor and was in fact a worker with employment rights, the Supreme Court has confirmed.

IPPR repeats recommendations of IER

14 June 2018

In a new report this week, think tank the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) repeated the recommendations made by the Institute of Employment Rights (IER) for employment law reform.

Fat cat pay ratio requirements don’t go far enough

14 June 2018

The government this week announced new legislation that will require the largest companies in the UK to report on and justify the pay ratios between the average worker and the highest earning ones.

VIDEO: Prof Keith Ewing addresses BFAWU conference 2018

12 June 2018

IER President Professor Keith Ewing addressed the BFAWU conference today, introducing delegates to our Manifesto for Labour Law - 25 recommendations for reform that have received wide support across the labour movement and political arena, alike, and which have been adopted by the Labour Party as a blueprint for future employment law.

Union action wins pay rise for a million NHS staff

08 June 2018

Negotiation by 14 unions led by Unison has resulted in at least a 6.5% pay rise for a million NHS staff across England, with a larger increase for workers on the lowest wages.

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