Thousands of women to strike for equal pay in Glasgow

15 October 2018

Thousands of women will take to the streets of Glasgow to strike for equal pay for work of equal value on October 23rd and 24th 2018.

Most workers paid a different amount each month, research finds

15 October 2018

Most workers experience pay volatility, taking home a different amount of money from month to month.

Weakening of trade unions behind pay stagnation, says Bank of England’s Chief Economist

12 October 2018

Andrew Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England, has pointed squarely at the decline of trade unionism as a key reason for the stagnation in real wages over the last ten years.

Hundreds of Uber drivers strike at London HQ

12 October 2018

Hundreds of Uber drivers protested outside of the company’s London headquarters earlier this week over poor pay and working conditions.

440 serious health and safety incidents at Amazon’s UK warehouses in last three years

12 October 2018

As many as 440 serious health and safety incidents have been reported at Amazon’s UK warehouses in the last three years.

Prisoners ‘taking over’ understaffed prisons

12 October 2018

A former Prisons Watchdog has told MPs that prisoners are filling the vacuum left by experienced staff.

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