Govt votes down proposal to enshrine EU workers' rights in primary legislation

17 November 2017

The government has voted down proposals to enshrine EU-derived workers' rights in primary legislation during the UK's exit from the bloc, so that any changes to employment law must face a a democratic vote in parliament rather than being made unilaterally by the Conservative Party.

CitySprint changes contracts to avoid workers' rights

16 November 2017

"Gig" employer CitySprint has changed its contracts after one of its couriers was found to be a "worker" at tribunal.

Deliveroo 'gig workers' want collective bargaining rights

15 November 2017

Despite protestations from courier firm Deliveroo that its 'gig' workers are happy with their terms and conditions, the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) has found that a majority of riders for the firm in Camden and Kentish Town, London, want collective bargaining rights.

Pay gap has widened for young women, campaigners warn

10 November 2017

Today is Equal Pay Day, marking the point in the year when women start working for free compared with men, and campaigners have warned the situation is getting worse

EAT upholds ruling that Uber drivers are 'workers'

10 November 2017

The Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) has today upheld last year's ruling that Uber drivers are legally classified as 'workers' and are thus eligible for basic workers' rights, including the minimum wage, holiday pay and rest breaks.

UK managers most discouraged from whistleblowing, international survey reveals

10 November 2017

A survey of 2,500 business managers across the US, Asia and Europe has found that those situated in the UK are the least likely to have been involved in whistleblowing.

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