Social Mobility Commission must be given teeth, MPs urge

22 March 2018

The Social Mobility Commission (SMC) - an advisory body that reports on inequality in the UK - must be given greater powers, the House of Commons Education Committee has urged.

UK workers feel more than £5,000 underpaid, poll finds

16 March 2018

Workers in the UK feel they are being undervalued by their employers, with the average person saying they are underpaid for their skills and hard work by over £5,000 a year.

Workers unfairly dismissed for raising safety concerns at Liverpool prison

12 March 2018

Two workers sacked for raising safety concerns at a Liverpool prison were unfairly dismissed, a tribunal has ruled.

Morrisons latest supermarket to face equal pay claim

09 March 2018

Morrisons is facing an equal pay claim expected to be worth as much as £100m in compensation on the heels of similar cases being brought against major supermarkets across the UK.

Taylor gives govt 'four out of ten' for Good Work Plan

09 March 2018

Matthew Taylor, who last year led the Modern Working Practices review into the 'gig' economy and precarious working, has give the government a rating of four out of ten for the actions it has taken based on his recommendations, the Independent has reported.

Employers accused of abusing loopholes in gender pay gap reporting laws

09 March 2018

Employers have been accused of abusing loopholes in reporting laws to make their gender pay gaps seem narrower than they are.

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