5 million workers have no right to enforce rights with ‘parent company’, research shows

06 April 2018

Five million workers in the UK do not currently have the right to bring workers’ rights claims against their parent employer, for reasons such as that they work through an agency or for a franchise.

All sectors report gender pay gap that favours men

06 April 2018

The results of the first compulsory gender pay gap reporting exercise has shown that men are paid more than women on average in every sector.

DPD offers workers' rights, but lower pay

29 March 2018

'Gig' employer DPD has offered its couriers - until now ostensibly employed as independent contractors - workers' rights, but those who accept the deal will receive a lower rate of pay.

Unions hold govt to account over NHS pay

23 March 2018

Unions this week held the government to account over NHS pay, offering their members a settlement that could mean a 29% rise for some workers.

Think tank: Blacklisted workers need a change in the law as well as a public inquiry

23 March 2018

After the Metropolitan Police today admitted a role in the conspiracy to blacklist thousands of workers in the construction industry, leading labour law think tank the Institute of Employment Rights (IER) supports calls for a public inquiry into the scandal, and reiterates our recommendation for legislative reforms, including criminal sanctions for those who blacklist.

MPs warn of potential for "contracting catastrophe" in privatised probation services

22 March 2018

The Public Accounts Committee has warned that the government's privatised probation service programme - run by so-called Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRC) - could be approaching a "contracting catastrophe" with an impact reminiscent of the collapse of Carillion.

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