Glass ceiling still stopping womens' progress

01 September 2011

A recent gender pay gap report shows that although the pay gap may have narrowed for junior managerial staff, the glass ceiling is still as strong as ever for women trying to move into senior management.

TUC say health and safety myths shouldn't be used as an excuse

25 August 2011
See Brendan Barber's response to the HSE's new top ten list of bizarre health and safety concerns which organisations have given for cancelling activities or events.

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Blacklisting not just a UK problem

Blacklisted building workers have won a major breakthrough in Europe following a groundbreaking meeting on 30th June 2011. A delegation of blacklisted trade unionists and safety representatives from the Blacklist Support Group held private talks in Brussels with László Andor, EU Commissioner to discuss potential EU wide legislation to outlaw blacklisting.

IER Book Launch: Workers in Cuba: Unions and Labour Relations 2011 Update

11 March 2011
As workers in the UK struggle to resist ConDem cuts to jobs, pay and services, thousands of workers in Wisconsin Ohio are protesting against a bid to remove their right to bargain. This is certainly not the case in Cuba as this latest offering from the Institute demonstrates.

IER Reaction to Government Axing of One Third of HSE Workplace Inspections

9 March 2011
Unannounced workplace inspections could be reduced by a third from 2011–12 onwards, according to a leaked letter obtained by the BBC’s File on 4 programme. An IER Briefing by Steve Tombs and David Whyte sets out the danger of deregulating health and safety.

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