Govt leaps for trade union restrictions at the first sniff of a lobbying debate

17 July 2013

As anyone who has been following Prime Minister's Questions recently knows, the Tories have put their best efforts into deflecting any serious issue with yet another bash at the unions, and the critical problem of political lobbying is being twisted in the very same way.

Judicial review on employment tribunal fees to be held next week

12 July 2013

A judicial review on employment tribunal fees brought by law firm Fox and Partners will be heard by the Court of Session in Edinburgh next week.

Govt calls for evidence on EU employment law: from businesses only

12 July 2013

The Coalition is making it glaringly obvious it does not feel the need to listen to the voices of workers when it comes to employment law, despite the fact it is employees who are the most vulnerable to negative impacts from changes to legislation.

Evidence of ongoing blacklisting at Crossrail

12 July 2013

The issue of blacklisting has been brought up in parliament numerous times, but the Coalition has stated that it feels there is no need to change legislation as there is no evidence that the practice is ongoing.

Cavendish Review: Zero-hours contracts are a false economy

11 July 2013

The Cavendish Review: An independent review into healthcare assistants and support workers in the NHS and social care settings, has called zero-hours contracts a false economy for healthcare providers.

New TUPE Regulations 'will be announced by September'

05 July 2013

Jo Swinson, Employment Minister, has said the new TUPE Regulations will be announced by September.

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