Govt ignored warnings public sector pay cap would push children into poverty, document reveals

29 October 2018

The government ignored warnings that the public sector pay cap would push children in working families below the poverty line, a new document uncovered by GMB has revealed.

Police to take govt to court over pay

26 October 2018

The Police Federation has begun legal proceedings against the Home Office after the department failed to deliver the pay rise recommended by an independent body the set up to set wages for two years in a row.

Medical couriers 'in physical danger' due to poor working conditions

26 October 2018

Medical couriers report that poor working conditions are leaving them in serious danger on the road and injured workers are returning to duties too quickly because they cannot afford the time off.

VIDEO: Professor Ruth Dukes on equal pay for work of equal value

26 October 2018

Ruth Dukes, Professor of Labour Law at Glasgow University, spoke at a 8,000-strong strike of female council workers in Glasgow this week, explaining how current equal pay for work of equal value laws had let them down and recommending how the law can be changed.

One in four care workers have no time to bathe service users, shocking new research finds

Friday 26 October

Over a quarter of care workers are not able to provide for the basic needs of service users because they are not given the time to do so, devastating new research has revealed.

Labour vows to help asylum seekers avoid modern slavery by allowing them to work legally

25 October 2018

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has pledged to allow asylum seekers to work legally in the UK in order to help them avoid black economy abuses like modern slavery.

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