HS2 contracts awarded to blacklisters

Submitted by sglenister on Fri, 28/07/2017 - 12:58

28 July 2017

The government has awarded known blacklisters with contracts for the construction of the major HS2 project.

Carillion, Kier, Eiffage, Balfour Beatty, Vinci, Skanska, Costain and Sir Robert McAlpine will be paid millions of pounds for their work on the new railway line, the Morning Star reported.

This is despite these companies having been caught using the Consulting Association database to illegally prevent trade unionists from gaining work.

"Despite admitting their guilt to a major human rights violation in the High Court, the punishment for these multinationals is to be granted yet more public-sector contracts," Blacklist Support Group Dave Smith told the Morning Star.

"The Tories have once again awarded their friends in big business. So much for them being the party of workers’ rights," he said.

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