Parliament to debate proposals to end zero-hour contracts

19 January 2018

The Workers’ Definition and Rights Bill, brought by SNP MP Chris Stephens, is set to have its second reading in Parliament today.

Knight review holds back from recommending e-balloting for industrial action ballots

12 January 2018

Facing widespread opposition to the Trade Union Act 2016, the government was forced to make a concession to trade union rights in the form of a review into the possibility of allowing industrial action ballots to be performed electronically.

Official report criticises govt's management of UK's largest rail franchise

12 January 2018

The National Audit Office (NAO) this week published its report into the management of the UK's largest rail franchise, criticising the Department for Transport's (DfT) strategy as contributing to a trend of worsening performance.

Lords discuss "valuable" IER report on collective bargaining in social care

10 January 2018

The House of Lords discussed the Institute of Employment Rights' report 8 Good Reasons Why Adult Social Care Needs Sectoral Collective Bargaining during a debate on the human rights of older people.

Gender pay gap reports show men earn up to 65% more

08 January 2018

Over 500 companies have reported on gender pay discrepancies, and the data shows a significant gap remains between the wages female and male staff receive.

Brexit Trade Bill 'includes sweeping powers to erode human rights'

08 January 2018

The Trade Bill – part of a raft of legislation triggered by the UK's decision to leave the EU – will have its second reading in the House of Commons today and tomorrow, and it gives the government sweeping powers that could be used to erode human rights.

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