UK workers' productivity falls again

06 October 2017

The UK's economic productivity has fallen again, deepening the productivity gap between the nation and our G7 competitors, which is already at its widest on record.

Jeremy Hunt proposes Uber-style app for nurses

06 October 2017

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been criticised for proposing an Uber-style app for nurses one year after Uber was shamed at tribunal for its shady employment practices.

Study: Exploitation of care workers demands action on sectoral collective bargaining

04 October 2017

A new report from think tank The Institute of Employment Rights, authored by a Cardiff University expert on labour standards in care work, concludes that establishing a sectoral collective bargaining process to negotiate workers' pay and conditions in the social care industry is the best way to prevent the exploitation of carers and improve the quality of care for service users.

Govt extends minimum wage 'amnesty' for care work providers

29 September 2017

The government has extended its suspension of minimum wage law enforcement for social care providers, leaving low-paid workers unable to access the money they are owed.

Addison Lee latest gig employer to be found breaking the law

27 September 2017

Courier and taxi service Addison Lee has become the latest gig employer found to be misclassifying its drivers as "self employed", thus avoiding giving them workers' rights.

Shadow Business Secretary promises day one rights, the end of the TUA, & Ministry of Labour at IER Fringe

26 September 2017

Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey yesterday (25 September 2017) vowed that the next Labour government will provide workers with all their rights from day one, will abolish the Trade Union Act 2016, and will establish a Ministry of Labour.

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