TUC votes unanimously for gender pay gap sanctions

15 September 2017

At TUC Congress this week, delegates voted unanimously for stronger action on the gender pay gap, describing the current government's gender pay gap reporting legislation "meaningless".

John McDonnell: Preparing for Power

15 September 2017

Shadow John McDonnell was due to speak at our Preparing for Power Fringe event at the TUC Congress on Sunday 10 September 2017, but was unfortunately called away. He prepared a speech for our delegates, which was read out on the night and is reproduced below.

Labour MPs call on Tories to protect workers' rights post-Brexit

14 September 2017

Since the referendum, the Tories have vowed not to abolish the workers' rights currently maintained in EU law, such as the Working Time Directive, stronger holiday pay, and health and safety legislation. But despite being called upon to put their money where their mouths are and explicitly protect workers' rights in their EU (withdrawal) Bill, the government has refused to secure employment laws past the day one of post-Brexit Britain. On Monday (11 September 2017), Labour MPs made their case for protecting workers' rights and put forth suggestions to improve the Bill during its second House of Commons reading.

Government refuses to commit to blacklisting inquiry despite evidence it is still going on

09 September 2017

The government has refused to commit to a public inquiry into blacklisting despite further evidence that the illegal practice continues in the construction industry.

Time extended to bring case blocked by unlawful tribunal fees in landmark decision

17 August 2017

A claimant who was originally blocked from access to justice due to non-payment of tribunal fees has been granted an extension on the time limit to bring new claims after the fees were found unlawful.

Union consultation rights widen after landmark Unison victory

11 August 2017

Unison has won a landmark case in the Court of Appeal that extends unions' consultation rights to all workplace issues that affect their members.

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