UK sick pay/health and safety regulations found to breach international labour law

25 January 2018

Statutory sick pay and health and safety regulations in the UK are in breach of the European Social Charter.

ONS: Real wages continue to fall

24 January 2018

Real wages continued to fall in 2017, according to Office for National Statistics data for the three months between September and November announced today.

Committee warns gender pay gap progress could be reversed under Brexit

23 January 2018

The European Scrutiny Committee has warned that the government has not been clear as to how it will protect equality pay legislation following Brexit.

Casual work "rarely a stepping stone" and increases risk of joblessness, study shows

22 January 2018

Researchers at the Universities of Sheffield and Greenwich have found that taking on casual work is unlikely to lead to a permanent job, and significantly increases people's risk of unemployment.

Brexit bill drops human rights charter, including collective bargaining protections

19 January 2018

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill was voted through parliament yesterday with a slim majority of 29 (324 to 295), still including a clause that drops the EU Charter for Fundamental Rights.

Parliament to debate proposals to end zero-hour contracts

19 January 2018

The Workers’ Definition and Rights Bill, brought by SNP MP Chris Stephens, is set to have its second reading in Parliament today.

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