Govt 'misleading workers on end to public sector pay cap'

06 March 2018

The government has been accused of misleading workers on the end of its pay cap policy for public sector staff after analysis showed that many departments don't even have the budget to meet the 1% limit on raises implemented as an austerity measure.

CJEU: Stand-by time spent at home is 'working time'

02 March 2018

This month, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) in the case of Ville de Nivelles v Matzak held that stand-by time spent at home must be regarded as ‘working time’ if the employer has imposed constraints of geography and time on the worker which objectively limit the worker’s opportunities to pursue personal and social interests.

Equality Trust supports implementation of Socio-Economic Duty

02 March 2018

Charity the Equality Trust has announced its support for the implementation of the Socio-Economic Duty - a measure also recommended by the Institute of Employment Rights in our influential Manifesto for Labour Law.

'Over 100% increase' in charity handouts to public sector workers hit by austerity measures

02 March 2018

There has been over a 100% increase in the number of charity grants provided to public sector workers over the last seven years after pay freezes left families without enough money to make ends meet, new figures show.

Govt review launched into ethnic minority progression in the workplace

23 February 2018

The government has launched a review into ethnic minority progression in the workplace in order to find out what action employers are taking to remove barriers and prevent harassment and to discover whether companies are reporting their ethnicity pay gap.

ONS: Real wages fall and joblessness up

23 February 2018

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics have shown that real wages are continuing to fall and unemployment is rising.

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