IER and Unison respond to govt's attempt to help employers avoid TUPE

10 April 2013

The Coalition's proposed changes to TUPE regulations could make it more difficult for employees to remain on a fair wage when they are transferred to a new employer.The Institute of Employment Rights (IER) and Unison have both submitted strong evidence to the government to prove the unsuitability of its plans.

5 Ways Public Sector Workers are Being Exploited

10 April 2013

The Coalition's ideologically-driven ambition to shrink the state is leading to increased outsourcing in the public sector, which - alongside new government policy - is dismantling the employment rights of workers across the UK.

Over 3,000 civil servants may be banned from industrial action

27 March 2013

Over 3,000 civil servants may be forbidden from taking industrial action if proposed legislation in the Crime and Courts Bill is allowed to pass into law.

The dangers of 'risk-based policy': Lessons from Löfstedt

22 March 2013

In a new IER briefing, Philip James, Professor of Employment Relations at Brookes University, analyses Professor Lofstedt's review of how his recommendations are being implemented by the government, and warns against government policies that describe themselves as "evidence-based", or "risk-based".

UCATT achieves "major step forward" in fight against blacklisting

22 March 2013

Construction union UCATT has secured some protection against blacklisting for UK workers in the industry.

Lords ditch shares-for-rights proposals: a win for workers, but is this the end of such bonkers ideas?

21 March 2013

The House of Lords has voted to remove Clause 27 of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill, which would legislate to allow employers to offer shares in their organisation to workers in return for the right to claim unfair dismissal, to be paid a redundancy settlement and to request flexible working and training.

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