Policy Exchange propaganda accuses trade unions of militancy

24 April 2013

Right-wing think tank Policy Exchange accuses trade unions of propaganda in a report that can only be described as propaganda itself.

Govt to ignore repeated calls to scrap shares for rights plans

24 April 2013

Business Minister Michael Fallon has made it clear that the government does not intend to listen to strong and repeated calls - not only from workers, but also from employers and the House of Lords - to scrap its plans to introduce a shares for rights scheme.

Attend the People's Assembly Against Austerity

19 April 2013

The People's Assembly Against Assembly will be held in London on June 22nd and provide a forum for trade unions, campaigners and grassroots organisations to come together to tackle the Coalition's ideological cuts.

Blacklisting 'may not be a thing of the past'

17 April 2013

The interim report of the Scottish Affairs Parliamentary Committee's inquiry into blacklisting on construction sites disagrees with Coalition claims that blacklisting is a thing of the past.

Agricultural Minimum Wage abolished without Commons debate

17 April 2013

Agricultural Wage Boards (AWBs) have been abolished, taking with them the Agricultural Minimum Wage, without any Commons debate on the matter after the Coalition ignored procedure to force the proposal through.

Shares for rights scheme voted back in by MPs

17 April 2013

The shares of rights scheme has been voted back into the Growth and Infrastructure Bill by MPs after the Lords introduced an amendment to the Bill to scrap all plans for the programme.

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