Abolition of Agricultural Wages Board 'would transfer £250m from the pockets of the poor to those of the rich'

18 January 2013

As much as £250 million will be transferred from the pockets of low-paid rural workers to the "coffers of landowners and farmers" if the government's proposals to abolish the Agricultural Wages Board are passed into law.

Govt set to introduce employment tribunal fees in July?

17 January 2013

The government seem to be gearing up to start charging claimants employment tribunal fees from July 2013.

SLSC recommends review into consultation process following IER campaign

17 January 2013

Following a campaign by the IER, the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee (SLSC) has urged the government to conduct an immediate, independent review into its new approach to consultation.

Coalition plays dirty to abolish Agricultural Minimum Wage

17 January 2013

Angry peers criticise government for springing the proposed abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board on them instead of following the correct procedures.

Removal of 114-year-old employment right finally receives aggressive debate

17 January 2013

Passing Clause 61 into law will leave workers more vulnerable, will benefit no one but insurers and unscrupulous employers, will increase the burden on the NHS and taxpayers' money to look after those injured at work and its only justification appears to be ideological. No wonder the government avoided a public consultation...

Len McCluskey: We must fight courageously to improve society

17 January 2013

General Secretary of Unite Len McCluskey's Ralph Miliband lecture at the London School of Economics on Tuesday (15 January 2013)

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