Labour to launch blacklisting inquiry

25 September 2013

Labour has promised to launch a full inquiry into blacklisting in the construction industry if the Coalition government fail to do so.

Up to 50,000 women lose jobs every year due to pregnancy

25 September 2013

Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, has claimed that up to 50,000 women every year lose their jobs after returning from maternity leave.

Tories prioritise removing human rights

20 September 2013

A survey of Conservatives has revealed that most consider withdrawal from the European Convention of Human Rights a 'non-negotiable' should they be forced to agree another Coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Public Sector Equality Duty reviewed and found to be a "burden"

19 September 2013

The panel reviewing the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) has described the legislation – which aims to ensure that public bodies and their contractors uphold their responsibility to ensure their services promote equality among people – as a "burden".

Anger as govt appeals against trade union win on mass redundancy

18 September 2013

The government has won the right to appeal against an employment tribunal decision that could have a major impact on employment law.

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