Debate over a general strike continues

23 November 2012

Debate is continuing among UK trade unions over the possibility of staging a general strike.

Speak out now or risk losing your voice in Whitehall

16 November 2012

The government has brought in new guidance allowing ministers to provide just two weeks to consult the public on their proposals rather than the usual 12 weeks.

Without enough time to gather strong evidence and write a clear and considered response, the public has been put at a serious disadvantage when it comes to having our say in policies that affect us all.

This appears to be nothing less than an ideological attack designed to stifle opposition to the government's policies.

Join us in our campaign to raise our voices on this issue, or risk losing your chance to speak out in the future

Response to the government's new approach to consultation

23 November 2012

Roger Jeary responds to the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee on behalf of the Institute of Employment Rights about the government's new guidelines for public consultation, which includes cutting some calls for evidence and invitations to comment down to just two weeks.

Employee Ownership "possibly illegal"

21 November 2012

The Committee Stage of the Growth and Infrastructure Bill continued in the House of Commons yesterday (20 November), with further questions about the government's plans to introduce a new status of worker - an employee owner.

Govt doubles the pace of deregulation

21 November 2012

Since the Coalition took power, we have been fighting their ideological campaign against employment rights. They see rights as red tape. We see rights as offering a fundamental safety net for workers facing an unequal power relationship with employers.

IER co-founder Bill McCarthy will be sadly missed

Photograph: Steve Back/Associated Newspapers
Photograph: Steve Back/Associated Newspapers

21 November 2012

The IER comments on the sad passing of our co-founder Bill McCarthy, who has died at the age of 87.

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