A six-month internship costs young people over £6,000, new research shows

02 February 2018

Unpaid internships currently cost up to £6,114 for just six months, a new study has revealed, locking all but the most privileged of young people out of potential employment opportunities.

Brexit Bill "constitutionally unacceptable", Lords Committee warns

02 February 2018

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill has been described as "constitutionally unacceptable" by a cross-party group of Lords.

REVIEW: Europe, the EU and Britain: Workers’ Rights and Economic Democracy

29 January 2018

By John Foster

Last summer's international seminar organised by the Institute of Employment Rights brought together trade unionists from Portugal, Ireland, Cyprus, Germany and Britain in London’s Marx Memorial Library to discuss the EU.

Report calls for employers to be held to account for sexual harassment at work

25 January 2018

Experts are calling for employers to be held to account for the way their female workers are treated by third parties.

UK sick pay/health and safety regulations found to breach international labour law

25 January 2018

Statutory sick pay and health and safety regulations in the UK are in breach of the European Social Charter.

ONS: Real wages continue to fall

24 January 2018

Real wages continued to fall in 2017, according to Office for National Statistics data for the three months between September and November announced today.

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