McStrike grows across hospitality sector: Wetherspoons and ‘gig’ economy workers join the fight

05 October 2018

Yesterday, workers across the UK went on strike against poor pay and conditions at major hospitality chains and ‘gig’ employers.

Chris' story: "To the people in charge now, I’m nothing but a bum wiper"

14 September 2018

Chris, a care worker for people with learning disabilities, who has been in the industry for three decades and has seen it move hands from the public to private sectors, spoke to the IER about his experiences.

Lee's story: "We were called to a meeting and told that if we didn’t pipe down, they didn’t know what would “happen to us”!"

14 September 2018

Lee Fowler, an electrician who was blacklisted from the construction industry for 26 years after he spoke out about unsafe working conditions, spoke to the IER about his experiences.

Lauren's story: "Young people don’t get discounted rent or food so why should they be paid so much less for doing the exact same job?"

14 September 2018

Lauren Townsend, 26, who has led hundreds of her fellow TGI Friday's workers in a campaign against cuts to their employment rights, spoke to the IER about her experiences.

IER launches new proposals to end job insecurity and low pay

09 September 2018

Independent think tank the Institute of Employment Rights (IER) will launch a comprehensive package of labour law proposals - Rolling out the Manifesto for Labour Law - on Sunday 09 September at TUC Congress.

The latest employment and trade union law news for August 2018

06 September 2018

Following the August break, we bring you a summary of all the employment law and trade union rights news you may have missed during our News Brief holiday.

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