Govt committee proposes maximum workplace temperature laws

30 July 2018

The Environmental Audit Committee has published a report recommending that the government consider instituting maximum workplace temperature requirements in response to recent heatwaves.

Over 2m workers have holiday pay withheld, research shows

30 July 2018

New TUC research estimates that 2.2 million workers do not receive the paid annual leave they are entitled to, losing out on nearly £3 billion worth of holiday pay per year.

Independent review launched into Modern Slavery Act

30 July 2018

An independent review has been launched into the Modern Slavery Act after a cross-party report revealed the extent of economic and social costs related to the crime.

State spied on, blacklisted and smeared trade unionists, records reveal

24 July 2018

Newly released records have revealed that the Thatcher and Wilson governments spied on trade unionists, according to the Guardian.

Deliveroo couriers 'earn £2 an hour and sometimes work for free', inquiry finds

24 July 2018

Couriers working for Deliveroo earn as little as £2 per hour and sometimes don't get paid at all for the tasks they undertake, a new report from MP Frank Field has found.

Labour will reinstate Agricultural Wages Board, Corbyn tells Tolpuddle

23 July 2018

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told the Tolpuddle Festival yesterday (Sunday 22 July) that his party would bring back the Agricultural Wages Board (AGW).

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