What can we expect from the Taylor Review?

10 July 2017

Last year, Theresa May commissioned Matthew Taylor – former adviser to Tony Blair – to conduct an independent review into the "gig" economy and recommend changes to employment law.

BA gives strikes' bonuses to staff who did not join industrial action

10 July 2017

British Airways has been accused of using "divide and rule" tactics to try and break up the ongoing strike among cabin crew.

Zero-hours contracts used to silence exploited workers, ACAS says

07 July 2017

The practice of "zeroing down" workers on zero-hour contracts who raise concerns is used in some workplaces to discourage people from enforcing employment law.

Deliveroo: We'll offer workers more rights if you change the law

07 July 2017

Courier firm Deliveroo, which has been in the spotlight for its "gig economy" practices, has said today that it will offer workers more rights if the law is changed.

Gig workers earning less than £2.50 an hour, new report reveals

07 July 2017

Workers in the "gig economy" are earning less than £2.50 an hour, a new report by Labour Party MP Frank Field has shown.

Zero-hours contract workers 'at increased risk of poor mental health'

07 July 2017

Workers on zero-hours contracts are at an increased risk of suffering from mental health problems than peers with stable jobs.

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