Low/middle earners face hardest hit from sluggish growth, report finds

23 February 2018

Low and middle earners are set to be hit hardest by a projected period of sluggish growth, a new report from the Resolution Foundation think tank has said.

Low pay takes its toll on families/health, new study finds

23 February 2018

Low pay damages both family life and worker health, a new study commissioned by the Living Wage Foundation has shown.

Women and Equalities Committee launches inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace

14 February 2018

The Women and Equalities Committee has launched an inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace with a view to understand how the issue could be tackled more effectively.

Only 2% of couples eligible for shared parental leave use it

14 February 2018

Government estimates show the proportion of couples eligible to share parental leave who take up the opportunity could be as low as 2%.

Workers' rights 'in the frame' for post-Brexit cuts

12 Febuary 2018

The government's impact assessment on the EU singles out workers' rights as a potential area for "maximising regulatory opportunities", according to MPs.

Uber launches 'feedback programme' instead of workers' rights

09 February 2018

Under fire for shoddy employment practices, 'gig' employer Uber has launched a driver feedback programme instead of providing its drivers with legal workers' rights.

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