World of work 'has returned to pre-industrial era', says Bank of England economist

23 June 2017

The world of work has returned in character to that of the pre-industrial era, Bank of England economist Andrew Haldane noted in a speech in Bradford on Tuesday (20 June 2017).

Law Society backs independent enforcement of workers' rights

22 June 2017

The Law Society has backed the independent enforcement of workers' rights as a means to preventing exploitation, echoing similar recommendations put forth by the Institute of Employment Rights.

What did the Queen's Speech say on workers' rights?

21 June 2017

This afternoon's Queen's Speech has been widely criticised for being a little on the thin side compared with previous speeches, especially in light of the cancellation of a Queen's Speech in 2018. But what did it say for the future of workers' rights?

Employers withhold £1.2bn in wages and £1.5bn in holiday pay every year, says study

21 June 2017

Research from Middlesex University London has found that employers withhold £1.2 billion in wages and £1.5 billion in holiday pay from workers every year.

Commuters accuse govt of 'covering up' failure in Southern Rail crisis

16 June 2017

The Association of British Commuters (ABC), which has been campaigning for better conditions for travellers in London and an end to the Southern Rail dispute, has accused ministers of covering up a damning report into the crisis.

Real wages falling; one in five children live in poverty, stats reveal

16 June 2017

Real wages turned negative in the three months to April, prompting fears of falling living standards for workers at a time when one in five children are already living in poverty.

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