BA gives strikes' bonuses to staff who did not join industrial action

Submitted by sglenister on Mon, 10/07/2017 - 16:03

10 July 2017

British Airways has been accused of using "divide and rule" tactics to try and break up the ongoing strike among cabin crew.

Staff who are not striking have been given an extra £250 extra payment and other perks, paid for out of the bonuses of Unite members currently out on industrial action, according to the Independent.

Mixed Fleet cabin crew normally receive bonuses called My Incentive, but BA has withheld this money from members of staff who have gone out on strike.

According to a letter to workers from Head of Inflight Customer Experience Karen Slinger, the company has made savings as a result, and "as we have ... I want to pay this money instead of recognise those of you who continue to come to work".

The newspaper reported that non-strikers have been offered a one-off payment of £250; £30 extra on top of their usual wage for any trips taken with fewer cabin staff than normal; £100 per trip to cover the cost of their travel to work if they prefer not to drive; and £35 for toiletries on journeys of four days or more if they don't check baggage in.

"It's pure 'divide and rule' ... When we finally go back to work the atmosphere will be toxic," a striker told the Independent.

Another said: "The management is once again trying to silence us instead of looking for a solution and a fair pay deal for the whole fleet."

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