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Employment Law Update 2018: London

10/10/2018 09:30

Wednesday 10 October 2018

A one-day conference
Thompsons Solicitors, Holborn, London

Sold out

At this popular annual conference, leading lawyers, academics and trade unionists will discuss how employment law has developed over the year so far, how it can be expected to change in the future, and how workers can best be protected.

Future of Labour Law: progressive rights under a progressive government - London

14/06/2018 09:30

Thursday 14 June 2018

A one day conference
Unite the Union, London

Sponsored by Morrish Solicitors

Since it was published in 2016, our team of experts has continued working on the Manifesto for Labour Law project, preparing our recommendations for their translation into draft legislation. At this conference, key authors from our Manifesto team will guide delegates through our proposed reforms, the evidence behind them, and the benefits for workers, employers and the economy of reform.

Employment Law Update 2013 Ken Gill Memorial Fund

06/11/2013 09:30

Wednesday 06 November 2013

A one-day conference
The Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

Organised by The Institute of Employment Rights in association with the North-West TUC and Old Square Chambers.

This sixth IER annual conference is designed to ensure trade union representatives are kept up to date and well-informed about developments in employment law.

Employment Law Update 2013 Ken Gill Memorial Fund

09/10/2013 09:30

Wednesday 09 October 2013

A one-day conference
Conference Chamber, 9th Floor, UNISON, Euston Road
9.30am - 3.30pm

Organised by The Institute of Employment Rights in association with the TUC and Old Square Chambers.

Timed to coincide with the common commencement dates of new legislation, the Conference invites expert speakers to share their views on recent changes to legislation that take effect on 1st October and 1st April each year - and this year there is much to discuss.

Employment Law Update 2012 Ken Gill Memorial Fund

31/10/2012 09:30

Wednesday 31 October 2012

A one-day conference
Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

An update on forthcoming changes to employment law legislation with critique and evaluation from leading experts

Limits on Tribunal awards for unfair dismissal

14 September 2012

By Roger Jeary

The announcement today (Friday 14th September) by Vince Cable Secretary of State for Business, that tribunal awards for unfair dismissal will be limited to 12 months net pay or national median earnings (£26,000) is the latest in the weakening of employment rights in the UK. Of course, as has been stated and written so many times before, no-one for one moment believes that this will create one single job or boost the economic recovery currently being undermined by the austerity programme of the Chancellor. So why do it?

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