A Manifesto for Labour Law: what would it look like in Scotland?

05 May 2017

By Gregor Gall, Professor of Industrial Relations at the University of Bradford; Director of the Jimmy Reid Foundation; and Editor of the Scottish Left Review

In this abridged version of an article originally published by the Jimmy Reid Foundation, Professor Gregor Gall describes the Institute of Employment Rights' Manifesto for Labour Law and discusses its implementation in Scotland. For the full version of the article, please click here.

IER FACT NEWS: What is Sectoral Collective Bargaining?

05 May 2017

By John Hendy QC and Professor Keith Ewing, Chair and President of the IER

The Labour Party has identified the restoration of Sectoral Collective Bargaining as a key element in its proposals for new laws at work. Our chair John Hendy QC and President Professor Keith Ewing explain how sectoral collective bargaining workers.

This is Part One of a two-part series - see Part Two for the purposes and benefits of sectoral collective bargaining

Another corporate attack is looming

31 March 2017

By Adrian Weir, Assistant Chief of Staff, Unite

In this article, originally published in the Morning Star, Adrian Weir details the risks to the UK’s workforce of international free trade agreements, in particular those which include ISDS clauses, following Brexit.

The BA Cabin Crew Dispute: Why Academics ‘Take Sides’

24 March 2017

By Ralph Darlington, Professor of Employment Relations, University of Salford

When 67 industrial relations academics based in Business Schools from across the UK recently signed their name to an open letter published in The Guardian backing British Airways' (BA) cabin crew who have been taking strike action over the issue of pay, it provoked predictable objections on the basis that they were 'biased' and engaging in 'partisan' behaviour linked to the trade unions. This raises an interesting and important question – is it justifiable for industrial relations academics to 'take sides' in researching the nature of the employment relationship and in the face of industrial disputes?

Workers need a voice but Taylor can’t provide it

21 March 2017

By Sarah Glenister, National Development Officer, Institute of Employment Rights

Matthew Taylor has made preliminary proposals as to how employment law could change to prevent exploitation, but in an article originally published by the Scottish Left Review, Sarah Glenister explains how without stronger trade union rights, it will not be possible for workers to stand up to unscrupulous employers.

Migration after Brexit: the challenge to labour standards

By Roger Jeary, IER blogger

Roger Jeary, a delegate at the Institute of Employment Rights’ Migration After Brexit: the Challenge to Labour Standards event, provides a detailed report on the debate, including free downloads of the papers and presentations given by the nine experts on our panel.

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