Coalition proposals on strike laws already condemned ~ in Bulgaria

10 July 2011

Keith Ewing, IER President

Victimisation of trade union members causes industrial unrest in the UK

The reinstatement of Eamonn Lynch and now Arwyn Thomas by London Underground is a complete vindication of the RMT’s decision to take industrial action in their support.

John Hendy QC's Response to Vince Cable at GMB Conference

6 July 2011

John Hendy QC, IER Chair

In June Vince Cable warned GMB delegates in Brighton about Coalition threats to reduce access to justice and further restrictions on the right to strike. The President and Chairman of IER addressed the same audience and here you can read John Hendy QC’s response.

Workers' Rights Are Under Threat Across The World

6 April 2011

Keith Ewing, IER President

Workers face hostile employers in Wisconsin, Greece and the UK. Today is a day of international solidarity with the public service workers of Wisconsin, whose right to bargain collectively has been stripped away by legislation sponsored by state governor Scott Walker, a man who has led the great state of Wisconsin to pariah status.

Victory in the Court of Appeal

18 March 2011

Keith Ewing

The recent decision of the Court of Appeal on the right to strike in cases involving Aslef and RMT is a major triumph for the British trade union movement in its battle to restore trade union rights.

Cable's 'Employers' Charter' incites bosses to take advantage of workers' vulnerability

Keith Ewing

3 February 2011

Keith Ewing

In the same week that the governor of the Bank of England told us inflation-adjusted wages were falling in a manner unseen since the 1920s, Vince Cable is inciting bosses to take advantage of workers’ vulnerability, by telling them in his charter that they have the right to ask their workers to take a pay cut, and to contact women on maternity leave about when they are planning to return.

Resisting Employer Attacks on Workers' Rights

3 February 2011

Keith Ewing

There is a virus sweeping British workplaces — and it’s not the flu virus. It is the virus of naked and unaccountable employer power, with employers now taking advantage of the economic crisis to make workers pay.

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