Beecroft report "hastily drafted, ill-thought out and weakly reasoned"

24 May 2012

Professor Keith Ewing, President of the IER

Even the limited rights of British workers are too much for the Tories and very rich Tory donors such as Adrian Beecroft, the pay-day loan merchant who now advises Cameron on how to sack workers.

Expert speakers bust tabloid myths at "priceless" IER conference

23 May 2012

Busting myths, decoding goverment terminology and examining the shocking human cost of undermining health and safety law.

Ellesmere Port: Success or sacrifice?

UNITE Convenors at Ellesmere Port Vauxhall Plant
UNITE Convenors at Ellesmere Port Vauxhall Plant

18 May 2012

The Ellesmere Port deal has saved thousands of jobs and created thousands more, but it came at a cost.

The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill another hit to Britain’s workers

18 May 2012

In the Queen’s Speech earlier this month (May 9th), the government reaffirmed its position on employment law, once again describing aspects of critical legislation as a “burden” on businesses.

Regulation Races to the Bottom

David Whyte and Steve Tombs: Image courtesy of
David Whyte and Steve Tombs: Image courtesy of

16 May 2012

How does the coalition continue to get away with peddling such nonsense? David Whyte and Steve Tombs explore.

Lofstedt Reviewed: When it comes to health and safety, politics can kill

11 May 2012

On the day the Queen’s Speech reiterated the government’s plans to reduce the state inspection of businesses, experts at the IER’s Reviewing Lofstedt conference discussed the human cost of cuts to health and safety.

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