Employee owner status – Business democracy or Beecroft by the back door?

24 October 2012

By Roger Jeary

The government is pretending to offer employee enfranchisement through their shares for employment rights proposals, but all they are doing is making it easier for employers to fire their workforce at the drop of a hat.

Coalition proposes repeal of 114-year-old employment right

17 October 2012

By Marcus Weatherby, Pattinson & Brewer solicitors

Marcus Weatherby, who specialises in personal injury law at Pattinson & Brewer solicitors, lays out the facts and context behind the Coalition government's astonishing new proposal to repeal workers' 114-year-old right to rely on a breach of health and safety legislation in personal injury claims.

Employers could become no longer liable for some breaches of health and safety legislation

Keith Patten of Thompson's Solicitors says: "This is of potentially huge importance and needs wide circulation so it does not just slip in under the radar as a 'technical' amendment."

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There is an alternative - Our experts share nine of them

12 October 2012

By Sarah Glenister

Nine experts provide ideas for economic alternatives to austerity.

The government's wholly unequal response to issues of equality

12 October 2012

By Roger Jeary

The government's pretense of a consultation has ended in a decision that willfully ignores the views of the majority of respondents - unless, of course, they happen to represent the private sector

Turning employees into 'owners'? The falsest promise yet

12 October 2012

By Nicola Countouris, Mark Freedland and Jeremias Prassl

Three employment law experts look into the "deeply worrying" shares-for-rights trade off proposed by George Osborne this week

Employment law experts blast Coalition's ideological attacks

11 October 2012

By Roger Jeary

Roger Jeary, a delegate at the IER’s recent sell-out Employment Law Update 2012 conference, reports on the event.

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