Privatising public services: threats and alternatives

12 December 2012

By John Medhurst

John Medhurst explains how so-called "mutuals" cropping up within the public sector are far from employee-led, and in fact disadvantage workers and attack employment rights.

Experts discuss the future of equality law in a time of austerity

06 December 2012

By Roger Jeary

A report on yesterday's Equality and Discrimination conference, at which seven experts discussed the future of equality law under the current government and the effect of recent legislation on protected groups.

Boris threatens EU protection for workers' rights

05 December 2012

By Roger Jeary

The EU may not be perfect, but we should not allow the Conservative Party to drive skeptics toward abolishing the only protection some of our workers' rights have.

The Coalition and the Arts: culture and revolvers

21 November 2012

By John Medhurst

In the 1930s leading Nazi Hermann Goering once said: “When I hear the word Culture, I reach for my revolver”. So, apparently, does the UK’s Coalition government.

New briefing regarding removal of 114-year-old health and safety law

16 December 2012

Summary of a briefing by Charlie Woodhouse

A new IER briefing has been released with further information and analysis on the proposed amendment of Section 47 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, which will result in the removal of employers' strict liability for their workers' health and safety at work.

Is this the turning point for European economics?

16 November 2012

By Enrico Tortolano

As millions take to the streets in Europe, could this could be a similar turning point to that seen in Latin America when the workers rose against neo-liberalist ideas? And will the momentum from the European strikes make its way over to the UK where austerity measures are fostering an unequal society?

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