Yellow squares on the windows: the occupation at Sussex University

06 March 2013

By John Medhurst

Privatisation of the public sector is part of a larger campaign to rob workers of decent pensions and working conditions, and is handing some state functions to companies that do not recognise trade unions. John Medhurst speaks to the student protesters at Sussex University, showing how many individuals are ready and willing to stand in solidarity with public sector workers to fight the ideological lurch to profit over people.

The Coalition has removed the best features of Employment Tribunals and kept the worst

22 February 2013

By David Renton

Today's tribunal system is not perfect, but the Coalition's reforms are taking away the best things about them and keeping the worst.

Health and safety issues spun into myths to blind workers of danger

22 February 2013

By Sarah Glenister, IER Staff

This is the fifth in a series of articles looking at what has been learned from the Coalition Timeline so far.

Anti-union stances within the Tory party are influencing frontbench ministers

21 February 2013

By Sarah Glenister, IER staff

The fourth in a series of articles looking at what the Coalition Timeline has taught us so far.

Public sector workers are being treated with no respect

15 February 2013

By Sarah Glenister, IER Staff

The third in a series of articles examining what the Coalition timeline has taught us so far

Landmark case shows strength of unions in protecting agency workers

08 February 2013

By Camilla Belich, UNISON Legal Officer

The decision of an employment tribunal to compensate over 150 workers up to 60 days' pay after a local authority failed to provide UNISON sufficient information on agency workers during a collective redundancy and transfer of undertakings exercises shows the power of unions to secure justice for employees at risk of losing their jobs or working conditions.

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